2015 Auction

Collective Cosmologies 1 by Leah Dyjak

Collective Cosmologies 1 by Leah Dyjak

In-Sight is currently accepting donations of photographic prints and books for the 17th Annual Photography Auction & Exhibition. This auction is a very eclectic, elegant collection of work from photographers of international reputation to locally beloved professionals. Sales from the auction contribute to the scholarship fund, helping keep In-Sight programs inclusive, so that any youth who wants to learn gets the opportunity. In-Sight is committed to providing classes, equipment, supplies, and the opportunity to grow, regardless of families’ ability to pay. Your donation shows the support of the photography community for these enthusiastic young ones! It’s also an amazing exhibition, and gives students, as well as all visitors, the chance to see more than 250 first-class works of art, up close.

We recommend sending high quality prints which are representative of the artist’s work, in any retail price range from $50 to $5,000, in any photographic medium, of any size (many donations are in the range of 8×10 to 14×20 inches, but we can accommodate both smaller work and large work if it warrants its wall space). The artists tends to know what work of theirs sells. Portraits do not tend to sell, unless the subject is well-known.

Please fill out the online donation form which follows, and hit the “submit” button at the end. Then mail or deliver your print to us at:
In-Sight Photography Project
45 Flat Street, Suite 1
Brattleboro VT 05301

Send a high-resolution jpeg if you’re willing to let us use it for publicity purposes; otherwise send a med-res jpeg for the online auction, please. Email jpeg and bio to In-Sight’s site manager and auction coordinator, Katie Kohnfelder, at katie@insight-photography.org.

We are looking for your donation now, in August. The deadline is August 30. The auction takes place both on-site and on-line, from October 2 through November 1.

This year’s auction will be hosted by 32Auctions. We’ll put the link here as soon as it’s live. In the meanwhile, here is a link to look over what was in LAST YEAR’S AUCTION.

For more information please call In-Sight at 802-251-9960. Thank you! Here’s the donation form: